A New Beginning

A wise man is full of strength,
    and a man of knowledge enhances his might,
 for by wise guidance you can wage your war,
    and in abundance of counselors there is victory. (Proverbs 24:5-6)

Solomon tells us in the book of Proverbs that there is victory with many counselors. In other words, a persons own insight and leadership can be valuable, but all of us have blind spots. All of us see things differently, because God has given each Christian a different gift to serve the body of Christ with (see Rom. 12, 1 Cor. 12). We need people around us to sharpen us and help us strategize our battles, or in this case, write about such a massive subject!

In the past seven years, I have written hundreds of blog posts, just not on a consistent basis. I have wanted to write on a regular basis, but either due to lack of time or discipline (or both), this hasn’t been this case. That is why I have brought along some recruits: Angel Aveytia, Justin Puia, and Abraham Villalobos. These guys have sharpened me with their love for Jesus and God’s word, and likewise I believe they will sharpen you.

Two years ago Abraham and I were asked by the youth pastor at my (now former) church (moved out of state), to help a new youth leader in his transition from being a member to a leader. He was fresh out of high school and wanted to pursue being a Youth Pastor. So, the plan was that Abraham and I would take turns teaching the Junior High ministry, and after watching us, Angel would give it a shot. Originally, all of us were supposed to give unique messages. They didn’t have to be connected. That’s where things get interesting.

I didn’t want to teach on a random subject. It needed to be something the youth needed to hear from God’s word. Watching these kids each week made me consider what was missing from their lives (or may have needed further teaching). Then it hit me: do these kids know who they are as Christians? Do they know what a Christian is? Or about the new identity they have in Christ? I realized this problem existed in my life too! All of us struggle with recognizing our identity in Christ. The message I spoke to the Jr. high had way too many points…you see, I couldn’t fit all those truths in one message! After talking to Abraham about it, he decided to teach on it. Then Angel did. Something about the question stuck with people.

During this time the youth pastor went in a similar direction and taught on the meaning of Christianity and being a Christian. There was a hunger to explain the identity of a Christian. It means more than being a Baptist, a Presbyterian, a Methodist or a church member. It means more than calling yourself a Christian or not cussing, drinking, or doing drugs. It’s not primarily about any of those things. Being a Christian means your life is transformed by God and you are owned by Christ to serve Him for His glory. It’s who you are, not an optional title.

In the past two years, the hunger in my own heart hasn’t stopped. Pouring over Scripture and seeing God’s truth speak changes the Christian. More and more truths stand out every day! My friends have gifts of teaching, and because they’re growing in their walks with Christ and learning new things, I wanted them to share those with you. We’re not mystics who get our information from a spiritual walkie talkie. We are simply spending time in God’s word and asking for understanding. We want you to do the same. We have the same Lord, same Bible, and same Holy Spirit living inside of us.

You see, we are blessed with so many things in Christ but live our lives as if God has left us a bunch of hints, leaving us to play spiritual Jeopardy, and none of us know the answers. We may feel as if life is a mystery. We know about Jesus but seem to understand our own sins better than the power of Christ in us (Gal. 2:20, Rom. 8:13) and the power He gives us to obey His commandments (Rom. 8:4. Jer. 32) and to love His people (Rom. 12:12).

This has led to the creation of this blog. Each week, the four of us will post on a particular subject and show what the Bible teaches about who we are (not who we think we are) and who God is in all His beauty and wonder. Time to start the engines and see where this goes.

Time to discover what it means to be a Christian!

Austin Thompson


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  1. Dfrank says:

    Man you people SUCK. You have been brainwashed from infancy to believe a ton of ludicrous horseshit that anybody in their right mind would consider screamingly laughable, somehow your fearful, warped minds still believe this fantasy even though you’re an adult now. If you believe that only through Jesus can you reach God YOU are the same person who flew the planes into the Twin Towers. Your whole lame rap delivered with great force is full of egotistical righteous theories, and you don’t have the SLIGHTEST idea what you’re talking about! It’s all crazy fantasies fed to you by equally fearful souls who darkened the earth with their lunacy. The days of your stupid religion are numbered. And take the stick out of your ass about Robin Williams’ genius, you ‘re making yourself and your first-grade religion look REALLY BAD.

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