Day Five, The Gospel: Christ’s Story, Redemption (3 of 4)


Ephesians 1:7-10 (ESV)

“In him we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of

our trespasses…”


When Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they walked away from life… they walked away from a relationship with their Creator. As a result, sin brought death to everyone, and thousands of years of sin piled high onto this world and angered God. Though the world was in sin, God was slowly working out His plan: He spoke to Noah, who saved his family in the ark from the flood that condemned the whole world. He promised

Abraham he would be the father of many nations. From Adam, to Noah,

to Abraham, and onward, this led us ultimately to Jesus.


Jesus’ own birth was miraculous, not just His family tree. Before everything was created, God the Father, the Son (Jesus), and the Holy

Spirit were all working together a plan to save mankind from their sins: to send Jesus as the sacrifice so we could have eternal life.


Jesus submitted to God the Father and came down to this world to save us, not because we were so special, but because the glory of God was the greatest thing. We are saved to give glory to God; we are saved by Christ (who is God), from God (God’s wrath on our sin) for God (in a real loving relationship with the Trinity).


Here’s how this played out: because you and I are born sinners, we could never erase the record of our sin before God. The anger of God burns hot, and no matter how many good works you and I do, we will only suffer justly if we are given eternal punishment. But because God is compassionate, loving, and forgiving, He had to make (by His own design) a way where He would still be a good judge and where He could also forgive sins: there had to be a substitute. Jesus became our substitute.


We sinful people, who would never be able to live a perfect life or be right with God, were given the gift of Christ: He was born sinless, lived a perfect life before God and had a living relationship with Him. Jesus displayed a humility we can never fully grasp.  He did not hide Himself from taking on a real human body and enduring weakness like the rest of humankind. Even though He deserved heaven, the world treated Him like a sinner and nailed Him to a cross: God chose to use this, so that we who deserve Hell are treated as Christ who deserved Heaven, and Jesus who deserved Heaven would bare our punishment as if He deserved Hell.

We can enter heaven and be right with God based on what Christ did on that Cross. Jesus is treated as a sinner, so you can be treated as if you never sinned. Every day of your salvation could be lived with this truth!


Yet the gift comes only through trusting in the work of Christ, and leaving behind your old self. You have to trust in Jesus, who nailed your sinful self to the Cross, by placing your trust in Him. However, the death of

Christ is not the end of the story! Stay tuned.



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